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We love weddings!  We bake from scratch, so everything is as delicious as it is beautiful.  We will work with you to design a tiered cake, cupcakes, or dessert buffet that fits your theme and budget. 


We take a limited number of events each week.  May through October dates book up very quickly, so contact us as early as possible to secure your date.


FlourGirl Patissier LLC holds a Food Processing License and is insured, which are requirements of an outside food vendor at most wedding venues. 



Tiered cakes start at $4.25 per serving for buttercream. We do not offer fondant. Kitchen cakes are available only with tiered cake orders of 72 servings or more, and start at $3.50 per serving. 


Single-tier cakes start at $48 for a 6".


Most décor is included, but you need to provide any flowers, ribbon, topper, or stand.   

A NOTE REGARDING DECOR:  We will not reproduce characters or images that have a copyright or trademark, as it illegal to reproduce such images without written permission.   


We have a 14” square silver cake stand available for rent, which holds a tiered cake with a bottom cake size up to 12”.  There is a $100 deposit, with a $80 refund after the stand is returned in original condition within 2 days of the event.



Cupcakes start at $3.00 for standard décor and flavors, with a minimum order of 4 dozen cupcakes per flavor. We recommend 1.5 cupcakes per guest.


We offer a variety of mini desserts. Choose from mini tartlets (filled with fruit curd or ganache), mini cups (filled with tiramisu, mousse or cookie dough), chocolate covered strawberries, and cake truffles, along with cheesecake and bars (cut in bite-size pieces), and more.  Because everything is made to order, there are a lot of possibilities as far as flavors.  We work with what you have in mind for your favorites, along with things that we have done in the past that have been popular and work well for serving.


Most items range from $1.00-$3.00 per piece, with a minimum order of 4-8 dozen per flavor, depending on the item. The dessert pieces are 1-2 bites each.  I recommend 3-5 pieces per guest.  Generally, the more options you have, the more types of dessert the guests will want to try.  However, it depends on the assortment and how much dessert you overall want to provide per person. 

Most items require refrigeration until just prior to serving.  Desserts are delivered in bakery boxes.  The venue would need to have space in their coolers to store the boxes.  They would need to put the desserts on serving plates and add them to your dessert table just before dessert is served. 



You will need to provide cake stands or platters to display your cupcakes or desserts.  The stands must be arranged on the cake table prior to our arrival. 

We have two tiered cupcake stands available for rent.  The larger stand holds a single or multi-tiered cake and up to about 175 cupcakes.  There is a $250 deposit, with a $200 refund after the stand is returned in original condition within 2 days of the event.  The smaller stand holds up to about 80 cupcakes.  There is a $75 deposit, with a $50 refund after the stand is returned in original condition with 2 days of the event. 



We will not provide a wedding cake, cupcakes, or desserts when cake (including sheet, kitchen, or groom's cakes), cupcakes, or similar desserts are provided by any other baker.  Our reputation has been built on carefully crafted, delicious cakes, and it would not be fair for your guests to think a cake, cupcakes, or dessert from another source was provided by us.  Special exceptions allowed for items such as pie, donuts, etc.  



Many couples come back and tell us that they are so busy on their wedding day, that they don't get more than one bite of cake. After all the planning and anticipation surrounding the cake, don't let that happen to you. Order cupcakes or a small cake, to be boxed separately, for you to enjoy back at your hotel later that day or on your honeymoon.

Cupcakes - 2 for $6, 4 for $12, 6 for $15

4" mini - $20

6" regular "replica" - $48



Delivery/set-up starts at $60, depending on location and amount of set-up. Cupcake orders with more than 200 cupcakes on display require extra set-up time.

Small orders under $350 (single- and two-tier cakes without additional cupcakes or desserts) are generally available for pickup only.  Pickup is available on Thursdays and Fridays between 10am-2pm.  The cake should stay refrigerated until just before guests arrive.  On dates that our schedule allows (based on the timing of other deliveries/orders) we are happy to offer delivery and/or set-up. 



A signed contract and 25% non-refundable, non-transferable retainer secures your date.


The remaining balance must be paid in full 30 days prior to the event.  Please plan your RSVP return date with this in mind.  If payment is not received by the due date, we reserve the right to cancel your order.

Payment is non-refundable and non-transferable.  Forms of payment are cash, check, or credit card (with 4% additional charge). 



DUE TO COVID-19, our tasting procedure has temporarily changed.  Since our kitchen is one room, with meetings taking place around one of the production tables, we have decided to NOT allow anyone into the kitchen at this time.  We will provide samples in to-go packaging, which you can take home and try at your leisure.  At pickup, we will meet you outside and chat at a social distance regarding any information that you will need to know, providing a “cheat sheet” of info to have on hand as you taste and make decisions at home.  In case bad weather necessitates meeting indoors, please bring a mask.  We would also like to confirm as much information via email as possible prior to meeting, including sending photos of cakes that you like or anything that you are using for inspiration, also noting flavor preferences or any other pertinent information. 


This situation is not ideal, but we feel that these procedures are necessary for health reasons and to keep our business open during this time.  We have worked with many clients via email to coordinate their wedding without even meeting them (when the situation dictated it a necessity), so we are confident that we will get everything coordinated with ease and minimal contact. 

For orders over $350, we offer:

A - With a prior signed contract and 25% non-refundable retainer, we offer complimentary tasting samples to-go and design consultation at a social distance at pickup, as well as via email. 


B - Without a prior signed contract and 25% non-refundable retainer, there is a $20 charge for tasting samples to-go and design consultation at a social distance at pickup, as well as via email.  Payment by check must be received one week prior to our meeting.  When you decide to secure your date with a 25% retainer and signed contract, your $20 will be applied toward your retainer. Please note that a scheduled tasting does NOT secure your date. 


Sample flavors are chef's choice. Tasting pickups are scheduled starting at 10am on Fridays. 


Holiday/Winter Availability: 

November 12-13 - closed

Thanksgiving week - closed

December 17-18, 2020 - last date to pick up for the year

January 2021 - Not available for orders or meetings

February 2021 - Available for orders and meetings February 5-6 & February 26-27 only

March 2021 -  Not available March 11-12

For orders over $150 and under $350, we offer:

A – Order a Tasting Sample Pack for $20. This includes six cupcakes, along with an assortment of buttercream and filling samples (chef’s choice flavors).


B – Order a 6 pack ($15) or 12 Pack ($30) of cupcakes - your choice flavors (based on availability) or assorted chef’s choice flavors.


Pickups are scheduled starting at 10am on Fridays. When you are ready to make design and flavor choices, we can discuss order details via email.

Policies and prices subject to change at any time.



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