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Planning a special event? Email us! 

We are usually up to our elbows in cake batter and buttercream 

or keeping an eye on what's in the oven or on the stove, so email is always best. (Plus we get horrible cell reception in the kitchen.)


Please email your inquiry to

or click the link below to fill out an inquiry form 


Wedding clients, please include your date, venue, guest count,

and the type of dessert (tiered cake, cupcakes, dessert) that you are looking for. You are welcome to include photos of cakes that you like.  

All other inquiries, please include the date, guest count,

and the type of dessert that you are looking for. 

We do our best to reply in a couple business days, however,

it may take longer during our busy months. 

During the week, we must focus on the week's orders (or they will not get done).

During the weekend, we are focused on wedding deliveries and family.

 Sometimes, we are just too swamped with work or family to reply for a few days.


Still haven't received a reply?  Please check your junk folder for a missing reply.  Still nothing?  Please email again and check the spelling...

it's easy to misspell our email address.

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