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Welcome to our Kitchen

The winter of 2019 was spent constructing a licensed kitchen in the lower level of my home. 


Unfinished concrete walls were studded, plastered,and painted. Plumbing, electric,

HVAC, and flooring were added.  


We are incredibly proud of the result. 

It's a bright, homey, and all around lovely space

for creating all your favorite cakes and desserts!  

We are currently doing made-to-order only,

but we hope to wholesale to a local shop or two

in the near future, so that you can continue to purchase grab & go cakes and desserts,

just as you did at our previous location.  


Looking forward to seeing you when you pick up your custom orders!  

FlourGirl Patissier entrance
FlourGirl Patissier Kitchen
FlourGirl Patissier Kitchen
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