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Forgot to order?

Have a last minute event? Or just in the mood for a small treat?

Most weeks, we have extra cupcakes, small cakes, and desserts

on hand that we can finish with less notice. 


  • 4" serves 2-3 for $20

  • 6" serves 6-8, starting at $40

Chef's choice décor. Writing available on 6". 

See our list of this week's size and flavor options below.


12 for $30 - additional cupcakes available for $15 per 6


  • Chef's choice flavors - we will surprise you with an assortment of this week's flavors (2-3 cupcakes per flavor).

  • Your choice flavors - see our list of this week's cupcake options below. 

      Choose up to three flavors (four cupcakes of each flavor).



Check our list of this week's options below.


Orders are scheduled for pickup on Fridays between 10am-3pm. 


We will issue an invoice to be paid on-line by credit card.  This must be paid

before we can complete your order. 

Previous clients may pay by cash/check at pickup.


Please email an order inquiry to  

We will let you know if we have time and product available to complete your order. 

Flavors available this week...


Assorted chef's choice flavors


Choose your own - vanilla, vanilla-almond, confetti, poppy seed, chocolate chip, chocolate (your choice buttercream and optional filling and/or topping*)  or

red velvet with vanilla cream cheese or chocolate stout with Irish buttercream


4" vanilla, vanilla-almond, confetti, poppy seed, chocolate, chocolate stout, red velvet, carrot (with walnuts)

6" vanilla, vanilla-almond, confetti, poppy seed, chocolate, chocolate stout, red velvet


Your choice buttercream and optional filling and/or topping*

*Visit OUR FLAVORS page for a list of buttercream and filling/topping options. 

Most (but not all) are available each week. If you request an option that is not available, we will suggest substitutes.  

Cake by FlourGirl Patissier
Mini cakes by FlourGirl Patssier
Cake by FlourGirl Patissier
Assorted Cupcakes by FlourGirl Patissier
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